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    If you are looking for the definitive means of transport for your trip, Hiring Luxury 14 Seater Minibus & Coaches With Driver can be an interesting situation. We are talking about a fairly spacious bus, with enough space not only for everyone to travel at ease, but also so that they can carry their luggage with very few limitations. These buses usually have a special compartment to carry material for business stands or different events: they have space to place folding tables, chairs, coat racks, decorative panels, and everything that may be needed, even to areas prepared to transport food.

    • A sophisticated interior
    • Extra Leg Space
    • Reclining Seats
    • Extra Luggage Storage Area
    • DVD System
    • Fully Air Conditioned
    • Plush Seating
    • Dimmer Lights
    • LEZ Compliant

    Why are you interested in taking a group trip with a 14-seater minibus?

    Hiring Luxury 14 Seater Minibus & Coaches With Driver  will be controlled by an expert driver who will take us from the point of origin to the destination, for as long as it takes. You can pick us up both at the train station, at the airport, at a hotel, etc.

    Hiring Luxury 14 Seater Minibus & Coaches With Driver  is the best alternative in transportation methods so that we can live a good vacation with whoever we want. If we had to opt for traditional methods, a train would be expensive and we would all have to travel dispersed. A car would not be an option either, since we would have to rent 2 and we would spend the entire budget on fuel and tolls. The perfect solution is the Luxury 14 Seater Minibus & Coaches With Driver: this number of seats encourages group cohesion, since passengers will not have to separate.

    Our Minibus & Coaches is a comfortable and safe means of transport. The Minibuses that are currently on the market have features so that tourists can travel at ease, such as ergonomic seats, and large windows to appreciate the landscape in all its splendor without being limited by anything. With an expert driver, like the ones we help you connect with in Minibus Hire London, you can relax throughout the trip and not worry about a thing.This modality is also perfect for organizing a trip with the school or with the institute. Since it is not too big, you can easily supervise all the students and make sure that no one has gotten into trouble. In addition, there are also larger minibuses, in case the option of 14 Seater Minibus is somewhat fair.

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