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    At Minibus Hire London we take care of helping you find the bus provider you need. In a matter of seconds you will have different offers from quality suppliers, verified and with costs that will adapt to your budget. Our Minibus are a very interesting means of conventional transportation alternative. They allow a small number of people to travel on the same bus, avoiding having to take different means of transport. We can find them with 10, 20 and even 30 seats. At Minibus Hire London we help you find the minibus you are looking for based on the number of seats you want. One of the most interesting options is the Hire Luxury 16 Seater Minibus & Coaches with Driver ideal so that no one stays on the ground.

    • A sophisticated interior
    • Extra Leg Space
    • Reclining Seats
    • Extra Luggage Storage Area
    • DVD System
    • Fully Air Conditioned
    • Plush Seating
    • Dimmer Lights
    • LEZ Compliant

    Why are you interested in taking a group trip with a 16-seater minibus?

    Group trips are so much more fun. Whether we are going on a pleasure trip, or on business, or employees who have to attend a seminar or a certain training, with a trip in a Hire Luxury 16 Seater Minibus & Coaches with Driver they will travel in a conducive, relaxed and pleasant environment so that duration is shortened. If we are talking about a more intimate trip, one that we can do with family or with our group of friends, traveling in a Hire Luxury 16 Seater Minibus & Coaches with Driver is a good option to improve communication and strengthen ties. It is a good way to get off precisely at our destination, reduce costs and travel in maximum safety conditions.

    Hire Luxury 16 Seater Minibus & Coaches with Driver have been designed with the latest in technology and safety so that the people who travel in them can have maximum comfort. They use systems such as ABS or ESP to absorb the irregularities of the terrain and that these are not transferred to the travelers. At the same time, they electronically correct the trajectory, even assisting the driver in the event of sudden braking. From Minibus Hire London we guarantee that the driver who takes the vehicle will have extensive driving experience, will be completely professional and will have optimal knowledge. On our website you can find different providers of Hire Luxury 16 Seater Minibus & Coaches with Driver that offer you all the guarantees: quality and Quote go hand in hand on our web platform.

    Maximum comfort and relaxed surroundings in our 16-seater minibus

    Hire Luxury 16 Seater Minibus & Coaches with Driver contribute to making our trip much more comfortable, regardless of the duration of the trip. As you already know, there is a lot of competition in companies that are responsible for offering this type of service, and this benefits the user in a favorable way: companies compete to create experience , to offer maximum comfort and to provide an optimal space that avoids any burden. Most 16-seater minibuses have been designed with ergonomic seats, designed to avoid any ailment in the traveler’s body. Many are reclining and have very interesting extras such as footrests or shelves. Depending on the provider that is contracted, some of them have WiFi connection, with DVD players, with mini-bars, among other extras.

    Other advantages of 16-seater minibuses

    Deciding to Hiring a 16-seater minibus is an investment in the quality of the trip. All travelers will arrive at their destination on time: for example, those employees who have to arrive at an exact time to start training, or a group of tourists who have a very tight schedule. This service is custom designed, so you can hire a minibus for a few hours, a few days or a week. It can also be hired on a regular basis, such as to move people from one place to another on a recurring basis, among other claims. It is the perfect solution for your project that you have been looking for.

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